Five Rocks

Five rocks has originally been one pinnacle which split into five due to age and strong currents.


Topography The "Five Rocks" dive site is characterized by a cluster of five submerged pinnacles or rocks that rise from the depths of the ocean. These pinnacles are covered in vibrant corals and offer an incredible underwater landscape for divers to explore.

MarineLife The site is teeming with marine life, and you can expect to encounter a variety of reef fish, including angelfish, butterflyfish, and triggerfish. The area is also home to large pelagic such as sharks, rays, and turtles. Additionally, you may see schools of snappers and fusiliers.

Depth The depth at "Five Rocks" can range from approximately 14 to 30 meters (33 to 98 feet). You have to be an advanced diver to be able to dive that site.

Visibility Like many dive sites in the Maldives, "Five Rocks" typically offers excellent visibility, often exceeding 20 meters (65 feet) or more on clear days.

Currents Since the site is lying within a channel the currents at "Five Rocks" can vary from moderate to strong. . It's essential to stay close to your guide who is familiar with the site's conditions to ensure a safe and enjoyable dive. Strong currents can attract pelagic species, making it an exciting dive.