Five Rocks

Five Rocks is formed by a pinnacle that has been split into five pieces over the centuries. These “rocks” reach from 40 feet (12 meters) below sea level to 130 feet (40 meters) at the sandy sea floor. Numerous overhangs and ocean-swept currents provide the perfect environment for vibrant corals, plenty of reef fish and white tip reef sharks. Five Rocks is a favorite among photographers for its dramatic underwater landscapes.


Dhigurah Beru Thila

Dhigurah Beru Thila is a dive site that looks like a live creature due to the constant currents. This site consists of overhangs, rocks and outcroppings. Hard corals prevail in this area, but soft corals can be also found, along with underwater flowers.


Dhigurah Arches

Dhigurah Arches is a long reef dive in the channel. It is a beautiful wall dive with bays and many overhangs. You can stick close to the reef and search for small stuff, nudibranchs, crabs and shrimps, mantis shrimps and some of the bigger fishes like puffer fish, moray eels, lion fish and sting rays on the sandy bottom


Broken Rock

Broken Rock is one of the most well known dive sites in the South Ari Atoll due to the unique formation which has a canyon splitting the reef in two, and hence the name Broken Rock. While swimming through the canyon which splits the thila in two, keep an eye out for the large fan corals which stick out from the walls. Resident napoleon wrasse, turtles, scorpion fish and a stunning variety of marine life including many species of moray eels and an abundance of soft coral make Broken Rock a great dive spot that always throws up something new.


Kudarah Thila

Located in the channel of Dhigurah, this protected site is considered to be the most beautiful of the archipelago thanks to its outstanding diving conditions. Kudarah Thila is made of a main reef that has shallower tops on each side, and a tunnel crossing the deeper coral ridge on its western side. You will also find two very interesting detached blocks north of the main reef. The biggest overhangs of the site are located on the east side of the main reef. Kudarah Thila is covered with soft corals and host many species such as flatworms, snappers, jacks and batfish. You can start the exploration with the two detached blocks or the large overhangs of the east side of the reef, then explore the central part of the pinnacle, and finish with the two shallow top reefs.


Godive with whale shark

South Ari Atoll is one of the best spots to experience whale shark encounters. Whale sharks are spotted all year round , giving you the perfect opportunity to make your dreams of swimming with whale sharks a reality.

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