Dhigurah Beyru

Dhigurah Beyru is a popular dive site located near Dhigurah Island in the Maldives. This site offers divers the opportunity to explore a vibrant underwater world teeming with marine life.


Topography The site is characterized by stunning coral formations, including colorful soft and hard corals. The underwater landscape features coral gardens, walls, and overhangs, providing diverse underwater scenery for divers to explore.

MarineLife This dive site is home to a wide variety of marine species. Divers can expect to encounter schools of reef fish, including angelfish, butterflyfish, and surgeonfish. The area is also known for the presence of larger species such as sharks, rays, and turtles. Additionally, you may spot moray eels, lionfish, cleaner shrimps and other interesting creatures.

Depth The depth can vary, making it suitable for divers of different experience levels. It typically ranges from approximately 10 to 30 meters (33 to 98 feet).

Visibility Like many dive sites in the Maldives, Dhigurah Beyru usually offers excellent visibility, often exceeding 20 meters (65 feet) or more on clear days.

Currents As with most dive sites in the Maldives, you will encounter some current along that reef. The strength of currents can vary day by day.